Early Abortion (4 to 13 Weeks)

Early surgical abortion is a very safe and effective method of abortion. In our office 95% percent of patients sleep during their surgical abortion, feel nothing and have no memory of their procedure. You will complete a patient registration form and a medical history form. These will include disclosure of any current or past health problems, surgeries, pregnancies and allergies.

Initial Evaluation

Our initial evaluation will include your height, weight and blood pressure. A urine pregnancy test will be performed and a small blood sample will be drawn for Rh blood typing and hemoglobin (anemia) testing. An ultrasound examination will be done to confirm and date your pregnancy. Next you will see a five minute video, narrated by Dr. Robinson, which explains the surgical abortion procedure. One of our nursing staff or physicians will visit with you to review your medical history and answer your questions. You will read and sign consent forms for your procedure.

Before the Abortion Procedureearly-abortion

Prior to the surgical abortion procedure, a brief physical exam will be performed. You will then be sedated with an injection of Valium and Nubain. Most patients fall asleep at this time. 95% percent of our patients say they don’t remember their procedure and they didn’t feel a thing! Once you are adequately sedated our physician will begin the surgical abortion procedure.

The Abortion Procedure

A sterile speculum will be placed into the vagina to visualize the cervix. The cervix and vagina will be cleansed with betadine or phisohex. The cervix will be anesthetized or numbed with a local anesthetic. Next, small sterile dilators are passed through the cervix to gently open the cervix. A small sterile plastic tube is then placed through the cervix and into the uterus. The pregnancy is then removed by vacuum. The speculum is removed and the surgical abortion procedure is completed. The entire surgical abortion procedure will take about ten minutes.

After the Abortion Procedure

After the surgical abortion procedure, you will be taken to our recovery room area. You will be monitored and observed for 30-60 minutes. Prescriptions and post–op instructions will be given. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled and you will then be discharged to your driver.