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Abortion Fee Schedule

Fees are based on the following:

    • How long you have been pregnant
    • Rh factor
    • Height and weight

      Other complicating factors:

        • Multiple gestation (twins, triplets)
        • Uterine fibroids
        • Previous Cesareans
        • Placental location
        • Uterine anomalies (septate, bicornuate uteri)
        • Medical conditions (hypertension, diabetes, bleeding disorders)

          The following are the fees based on the length of pregnancy only:

          Fee Schedule
          4- 11 weeks $450
          12 weeks $550
          Beyond 12 weeks** Please call for fees
          Rhogam Injection $100-$150
          Post-Abortion Exam $20

          Moderate IV sedation is included with all procedures. General anesthesia is available for an additional $350 fee in our Dallas office.

          Payment Methods

          We accept cash, Master Card, VISA, Discover and AMEX cards. If paying by credit card the cardholder must be present with photo identification or a credit card authorization form must be submitted. We also accept money orders, certified bank checks and travelers’ checks with photo identification.  No Checks are accepted.

          Financial Assistance

          If you have a demonstrated economic hardship and need financial assistance with your abortion please contact the Texas Equal Access Fund, www.teafund.org.

          Additional funding information:

          Refund Policy

          In the event the abortion procedure is not done, there are certain fees that are non-refundable. These will be retained for services rendered.

            • Sonogram - $125
            • Lab Fees - $75
            • Laminaria insertion/removal - $150

              * All fees must be paid in full before any procedure is started. Fees are subject to change without notice, please contact the office for current fees.